21 July 2009

Your totems in ANORAK mag!!

BIG FUN NEWS!! Anorak Magazine (the happy mag for kids) will be choosing at least 10 of your totems to feature in a lovely double page spread of their Autumn issue! It'll be a colouring-in page so make sure your totems are black and white, and kid-friendly.

And just for fun, the 50th and 100th person to submit a scribble totem will win a subscription to Anorak magazine!!

HOW TO SUBMIT A TOTEM: print out the totem template, have a scribble, then email your handiwork to lisacurrieee@gmail.com - simple! SUBMISSIONS HAVE NOW CLOSED SORRY

Get your totems in before July 31st, please.
That's just over a week away (phew)... so I give you permission to step away from whatever you're doing now (seriously, it can wait) and have a little scribble break.

Anorak is a seriously wonderful mag so I know you'll all be as excited as I am. And please tell your friends so they can dig their pencils in too!!