08 July 2009

Let's collaborate!

I'm keen to encourage more scribble collaboration, so here's a new project for you to dig your pencils into.

Clubhouse Scribbles (edit: now known as BIG TEAM SCRIBBLES) are big monthly scribble collaborations that only need a quick doodle from each of us. It's open to anyone, so you should have a go!

July's project is a bad-ass totem pole. Submit a quick scribble to help us climb all the way up into the cyber clouds. Here's how...

1. Print out this totem template
2. Draw your totem creature (keep it traditional or try something fresh)
3. Email it to lisacurrieee@gmail.com so I can stack them all together.

Get your scribbles in before the end of the month because the big totem reveal will happen on the first of August.

Also, this month Doodlers Anonymous have given me a key to their clubhouse. I'll be guest blogging there for the whole month!