15 December 2009

YIPEEE our scribble totems are in anorak mag

I was positively giddy when Anorak magazine arrived in my mailbox this morning - and most of you would know why (you might even be a bit giddy too). A fun stack of totems from the super tall totem pole we made in July, are featured as an Anorak colour-in page this issue.

It's put me in a dilema though - too lovely to scribble on, yet too enticing not to! I might have to buy another copy.

Big huge thanks to scribblers Corey Thompson, hellojenuine, Cheryl A. Smith, Maxime Francout, Channell Kristen, Jess Smart Smiley, Mark Crawford, Shannon Keane, Charlotte Brewin, Lachlan Millard, Kelsey Elam, Madi Barrett, Carolyn A'Hearn, and Mr Raymond.

It's the drawing issue, so grab a copy for the little people in your life... and one for yourself too (trust me).