30 July 2009

Gone Scribbling! Be back in a month...

Hello, scribblers!

A big high-five and hug for each of you. We're sitting at 118 totems and you're all blowing my mind with your scribble talents. Tomorrow I'm stacking up our kick-ass totem pole and this week Anorak will be pick their favorites for the double spread!

After the big fun reveal, I'm taking a holiday from scribble land. As happy as you make my inbox with you colorful doodlings, I need a nap. And after my nap, I want to put more energy into my illustration school. I only have a year and a bit to go, so I'd like to put lots of time into making that dream full-on alive.

I say 'our' and 'us' a lot (because we're a team), but really it's just little me behind the curtain of this scribble machine. And I spend a lot of time oiling her parts and updating her and resizing images and things like that. I love it, but sometimes it's a bit of a chore when it means less time for brainstorming and drawing.

SOOO, I'm taking a little break but will be back in a month!

Big thanks to everyone for your love! x lisa